Barndominiums – The Next Generation of Custom Homes

Is a Barndominium right for your next New-Construction Custom Home?

Barndominium living is a huge trend right now, but is it a good idea to use post-frame construction to build a custom home? Coastal Homes & Design has partnered with the Amish Tradesman to offer barndominiums to Southern Delaware.  Learn more about whether or not a barndominium might be right for your new home construction.

Top 3 Reasons to Build a Custom Barndominium Home

1. Faster Build Time

Pole buildings tend to take less time to build than stick-built buildings. This is because pole buildings do not require a foundation. You are able to eliminate the time it would take to create a traditional concrete foundation because the poles serve as the support for your barndominium.

2. Sturdier and More Energy Efficient

Pole buildings are known for being more weather-resistant than stick-built homes. The sturdy poles help anchor the structure and protect it from severe weather events. Barndominiums have fewer thermal breaks, so you are going to save on energy costs.

3. Cost Savings

Since you don’t have to pour a foundation, you are already eliminating a huge chunk of material costs. No load-bearing walls are required, so you can do an open floor plan and save money on framing. Building a barndominium allows you to be more flexible with your interior layout.

Learn more by watching this video with David Wilson:

Build Your Barndominium with Coastal Homes & Design

When you work with us, your options for designing your custom barndominium are virtually unlimited. Everything you’ve always wanted in a home comes within reach when you choose us as your builder. We have over two decades of building experience, and we are one of the very few contractors offering residential barndominium construction in the area. We strive for excellence and lead with family values, which is why we’ve earned a sparkling reputation as Delaware’s premier custom home builder. Our team and everyone we work with on your build shares the vision of helping you build the home you always wanted.

Our Partnership with Amish Tradesman

We’ve partnered with the best Amish craftsman in lower Delaware: The Amish Tradesman.  They build the shell of your custom barndominium so we can follow up with the interior design and construction. They produce top-quality work that meets the same high standards we hold our ourselves to with every project we build.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you have a vision for a custom barndominium home, Coastal Homes & Design can help make it a reality. During the initial consultation, you will meet with us at our design center to show us pictures and discuss your goals, land/location, requirements, and budget. We will collaborate with you to gather information needed for an estimate which is typically available within 1-2 weeks after our consultation. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards a new custom home!

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