Coastal Homes and Designs Uses Amish-Made Custom Cabinets and Trim

When you choose us to build your home, everything is 100% custom. We work with local Amish craftsmen to bring you stunning cabinetry and trim. Amish cabinetry and trim surpass store brands in every way, and they may be the right choice for your custom home in Delaware.

In this video, David Wilson discusses the benefits of implementing Amish Craftsmanship in their Custom Home Construction in Southern Delaware:

The Benefits of Amish Craftsmanship for your Custom Built Home in Delaware

Amish Cabinetry Fits Perfectly Every Time

Amish cabinets are crafted to your exact specifications. They can be made as large or small as you need them, so you get the perfect fit every time. Amish cabinetry is easier to install, and it is well-made without any seams or gaps.

Beautifully Finished Cabinets and Trim for Your Custom Home

Amish cabinets can be pre-painted with a pigmented lacquer that makes them more durable. The lacquer gives the cabinets a stunning, polished finish that looks beautiful in any kitchen. You can also have your Amish custom trim painted with this lacquer to increase its longevity and boost its appearance.

Perks of Using Custom Trim

We know from experience that custom trim is easier to work with than store-bought. Our design center features shiplap on the walls that was cut to our exact preference. We had our baseboard trim made so that it doesn’t protrude past the casing of our doors. When you use Amish-made custom trim, everything can be milled down and cut exactly the way you need it to fit the design plan for your home.

The Best Choice for Your Budget

If Amish-made cabinets aren’t in your budget, we do offer a store-bought option that is more affordable. This also applies to any materials we use in your home. While we may recommend a certain product or brand, we are always able to make adjustments to better suit your budget.

Why You Should Build with Coastal Homes & Design

Coastal Homes & Design is a family-owned and operated business. With over two decades of building experience, we are able to bring premier home building services to Sussex County. We take an ethical approach to business, and every decision we make on a project is made in the best interest of the customer.

While other home builders may label themselves as “custom,” they may not be able to offer the flexibility you need to get everything you want in your home. Imagine finally living in a home that has an open floor plan with plenty of space for your kids to play. Maybe you’ve always envisioned a spacious kitchen with extra counter space. No matter what features you want in your home, we are going to take every possible measure to include these things in the blueprints. Coastal Homes & Design builds truly custom homes for people who want to settle down in Delaware.

Book Your Consultation Today

When you book your consultation with Coastal Homes and Design, we will schedule a time for you to meet with our team to discuss your goals and vision for your custom Delaware home. After the consultation, we will be able to provide you with an estimate in just a few weeks. Schedule your consultation today and get one step closer to building the house you always wanted to own.

Amish Craftsmanship in Southern Delaware