Pole Barn Custom Home Construction – Barndominiums in DE

Coastal Homes & Design is proud to announce a partnership with The Amish Tradesman

We’ve partnered with the best Pole Barn craftsman in Delaware to bring our customers a unique and affordable custom home option. We work with The Amish Tradesman to create high quality pole barn structures which are then finished with all the beautiful options found in traditional custom home construction. The Amish Tradesman are the most skilled and reputable company in regards to Pole Barn construction, and one of the only construction companies we would back with our brand and reputation. Conversely, Coastal Homes & Design truly shines in the home finishing arena, so it only made sense to partner with a company who could create the foundation and shell of a pole barn to ensure the quality aligned with our standards and business model. The outcome is a beautifully crafted, truly custom home that is built using post hole construction at a cost per square foot less than a typical custom home build.

Coastal Homes & Design has partnered with The Amish Tradesman to offer Barndominium’s as a New Home Construction option in Southern Delaware

Pole Barn New Home Construction Now Available in Southern Delaware

We’re one of the only new home construction companies in Southern Delaware offering pole barn custom homes, known as a “Barndominium.”

What is a Barndominium?

Barndominiums are becoming just as popular as modern farmhouses, and they offer several benefits over stick-built homes. If you are planning on building a home in Lewes, Coastal Homes and Design can build a custom barndominium and help make your vision for your dream home come to life. We also offer commercial Barndominium as an option to create beautiful office spaces, among other commercial building types.


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Is it cheaper to build a custom home from a pole barn?

There are many factors that go into the price of a custom home build, but the short answer is yes – it is indeed cheaper, but by no means will it be a massive difference.

No Basements or Crawl Space

  • The main reason a Barndominium is less expensive is due to the concrete slab vs basement or crawl space. You’ll save on the initial cost of construction in addition to ongoing maintenance and conditioning of a basement or crawl space.

Less Time = Less Money

Our skilled team of craftsman are a well oiled machine. They can complete a Barndominium in less time than a traditional custom home – and time is money! Since our team can get your project completed quicker, we pass that savings onto our customers.

Where You Won’t Save Money

  • Yes, a Barndominium may cost less per square foot than a typical new construction, but the end of the day many of the expenses incurred are relatively the same. The similarities include all of the finishing work and materials, cost of purchasing and installing a well or septic system, insulation, appliance choices, and HVAC systems that all play a role in how much your custom home will cost. Learn More >

Does it take less time to build a Barndominium VS a Traditional Custom Home?

Yes! It does take less time. Post frame construction involves less framing, less building materials, and therefore less labor – which also add to the cost savings you’ll experience when building a Barndominium. A typical custom home takes around 9 months from start to finish, whereas a Barndominium can take as little as 7 months to complete. Granted, there are many factors that go into the build time – and you can learn more about your specific timeline and budget by scheduling a consultation with our team.

About The Amish Tradesman

“Locally Owned with over 40 Years Experience

 We are a Delaware based company founded in 2007.   The Amish Tradesmen is a group of local Amish men that have developed exceptional skills and long-time experience in their field. The Amish Tradesmen is managed through one local office to handle phone calls and everything needed prior to our work day

Quality Craftsmanship

Our goal is to offer you the finest in quality materials at invoice price suited for the job, along with our

long-time Amish craftsmanship. Our individual trades are ones that we have developed since a young age. We hope that you will appreciate the attention to detail and robust construction and timely work. Our work is based on one project at a time giving you 100% attention at all times. We have built our company by this one-project-at-a-time philosophy in the continual goal of gaining an honest reputation throughout our surrounding communities in a natural way. No fancy advertisements, just good old fashioned word-of-mouth coverage. “



Schedule A Consultation at our Barndominium Office in Lewes, Delaware

When you visit our office for a consultation, we will discuss your vision for your home, look at pictures, and offer suggestions so we can identify whether or not a Barndominium is right for you. You’ll also have an opportunity to experience our work in person!

Within a few weeks of the initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with an estimated cost and building time for your custom home.

Coastal Homes & Design has partnered with The Amish Tradesman to offer Barndominium’s as a New Home Construction option in Southern Delaware