Interior design photo inside The Waverly

Personal Approach. Professional Service.


Coastal Homes & Design is unique in that we will begin designing your project before we break ground. First, we work within your established budget and determine all details.  We want your home to reflect you, your family, and your lifestyle.  Each detail will be a careful thought as if it were a puzzle piece fitting exactly perfect.  We help you choose which house style, house plan, and lot is best suited for you, and we walk you through the process step by step.  From the exterior color choices to the interior finishes and layout of furniture, each detail should be thought out and designed intricately. We have the best connections and resources available to you throughout your building process.


“We are a family-built company, built on reputation, with excellence in mind.”

Amazing Luxury Kitchen Interior in white with wooden floor and kitchen island.

Our tradition of distinction meets a lifetime of service.


At Coastal Homes & Design, our clients become family as our team walks with you through every step of the construction process. From conceptualization to the end project, our team is here for you and your family to answer any questions that you may have. Our number one priority when our team is on any job is to provide each of our clients with the most professional craftsmanship and designs available. We strive to offer the best final product every single time.

At Coastal Homes & Design, our attention to detail is unmatched among residential and commercial builders in the Sussex County area. Boasting over 2 decades of experience in building, our team remains passionate about what they do, and who they do it for! At Coastal Homes & Design, we know that your home is more than an investment; it’s where your family lives, grows, and thrives. Allow our team to provide you with the most unique and comfortable place for you.