Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder in Lewes Delaware

At Coastal Homes and Designs, making your home as energy efficient as possible is one of our top priorities. Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment. If your home is built to maximize energy efficiency, you will save on heating and cooling costs throughout your lifetime. When we build your custom home, we will be able to make recommendations for products and materials to use that will ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

In this video, David Wilson discusses energy efficiency and the process of building custom homes in Southern Delaware:

Our Experience Building Energy Efficient Custom Homes

When we build your custom home, energy efficiency will be one of the areas we focus on the most. We built our design center to be highly energy-efficient, and it scored an 8.5 out of 10 on the Home Efficiency Scale. We can build your home using the same products and practices we implemented to build our design center. We will carefully consider your budget to incorporate as many energy-saving products as possible while still creating the home of your dreams.

In our design center, we used zip sheathing to create a tight, energy-efficient building. We also used spray foam and opted to incorporate picture windows instead of functional windows to make the space even more airtight. On top of that, we heat and cool our office with a ductless system.

The biggest benefit of building an airtight home is that you are able to control the quality of the air inside. In our design center, we use a recovery ventilator unit that brings fresh, clean, filtered air in from the outdoors. Tightly built homes are more efficient, and they allow you to bring in the air on your terms, which is a huge benefit if you are living with people who have allergies or respiratory issues.

Building an energy-efficient home can be expensive, but it’s better to build a tight home from the start than to try and compensate later. The benefit of using a custom home builder is that you can cherry-pick which products you want to use. This allows you to stay on budget and get the most efficiency for your money.

Delaware’s Choice for Custom Home Building

When you chose to build with us, we will do everything possible to include the features you want in your home. Whether you always dreamed of eating in a breakfast nook, having a private library, or bathing your dog in a special puppy shower, we want to get these features sketched out early on in the design process so we can put them in the final blueprints. We encourage our customers to come to us with plenty of pictures and ideas that we can use to create a design that’s 100% custom and unique to them.

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Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on designing your custom home in Delaware. We will carefully consider your goals to help you create a clear vision of what you want your home to look like. After your consultation is finished, you can expect to hear back from us with an estimate in a few weeks.

Energy efficient custom homes in Lewes Delaware